Frederick Glassware


If you’re looking for a touch of regal to add to your dining setting, the award winning, mouth-blown glassware collection named Frederick is your answer. Tall and slim-lined with subtle curves, angled edges and unique hand finishing, these jugs and glasses are both simplistic yet timeless in their appearance, needing no handle to encourage you to pour from them. The delicate hand-finished by master glassblowers in Sydney makes Frederick the perfect wedding gift.

Winner of Qantas SOYA Object & Industrial Design 2010 as selected by Marc Newson.

Jug: 95ø x 220H mm / approx. 1 litre
Tumbler: 80ø x 100H mm / approx. 345ml

Clear and smoked grey glass.

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As the glassware is delicate, hand wash is recommended. Frederick Jug is hand wash only as washing by machine may build up tension in the glass that can lead to breakage. Tumblers may be washed in the dishwasher. If a dishwasher is used, shorter, gentler wash cycles are recommended with lower temperatures. Tumblers should be placed on the upper rack, ensuring that glass edges do not touch each other during the wash cycle. Allow pieces to cool before removing. Harsh detergents, scourers and steel wool / abrasive pads should not be used on the pieces as these will scratch and cause damage. Do not use with hot liquids. Do not place pieces in the freezer, oven, stove top or in contact with a direct flame.

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