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Copper Bowls & Dishes


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Unique range of handmade copper decorative bowls and dishes by Minty Wares. Each piece is hand cut, filed, forged and shaped from a flat sheet of copper, baring the blows of the makers hammer proudly.

Items available:
Bowls: 90mm, 140mm
Fluted Bowls: 90mm, 130mm
Dish: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm or set of 3
Bowl Oxidised: 100mm, 150mm


Please note:
Each piece is finished with a museum grade wax finish that protects against tarnish caused by moisture, oxygen and oils from skin. Tarnish may still appear over time however it will be significantly reduced. Please note the wax finish is not food safe.

CARE: Waxed Copper - Maintain Wax finish by gently wiping or buffing surface with a soft clean cloth.
Polish can be removed with a wax and polish remover if necessary.



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